Medical Bandage Wrap Elastic Wrap


Medical Bandage


Cotton, Spandex



Production Capacity

200,000 PCS/D


CE, ISO13485, ISO9001


Transport Package
12PCS/Box, 50box/Carton
It can be customized

What Is a Medical Bandage?

The medical bandage is a versatile tool used for various medical purposes. Fixation, application, and the production of surgical dressing materials are among its main duties. It is a crucial part of medical kits and is frequently utilized in surgical settings, wound care, and injury treatment in healthcare settings.

Medical Bandage Specifications:

Versatile use: suitable for fixation, application, and creating surgical dressing materials.
Material: Typically made from soft, breathable fabric for patient comfort.
Common sizes: Available in various widths and lengths to accommodate different needs.
Sterility: Depending on the intended use, medical bandages may come in sterile or non-sterile forms.

Product Features

1. Non-woven fabric material, soft, light, good air permeability
2. Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive does not stimulate the skin
3. Easy to tear without cutting; easy to use
4. With good air permeability, patients will feel comfortable with no skin allergies. It can be sterilized and reused.

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