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Surgical Suture



Quality Guarantee Period

Two Years



Production Capacity

200,000 PCS/D




Transport Package
12PCS/Box, 50box/Carton
USP12/0 – USP4/0

What Is a Surgical Suture?

  • A surgical suture is indeed one of the most common medical devices employed by doctors during surgeries.
  • The suture helps hold body tissues together after surgery or injury.
  • The application of a suture essentially involves the use of a needle along with an attached thread.
  • There are a wide variety of types of surgical sutures of different sizes, shapes, and thread materials.

Absorbable vs Non-absorbable

You do not need a doctor to remove absorbable stitches. Enzymes found in your body’s tissues will naturally digest. Nonetheless, non-absorbable stitches may require removal by your doctor in the days or weeks following your procedure, or they may be left in place permanently.

Suture Material

  • Silk: Typically braided and naturally made, silk sutures
  • Nylon: Nylon creates a type of natural monofilament suture
  • Polypropylene: This material creates a monofilament suture.
  • Polyester: This form is synthetic and braided
  • Cotton: Cotton thread serves as an excellent suture material; specifically, it is highly effective when employed in clean wounds

1/4 circle Suture Needle:

It exhibits a slight curvature and finds application on convex surfaces and delicate surgery.

1/2 circle Suture Needle:

It has a large arc to use in confined surgical suture sites; the application area is skin, muscle, peritoneum, eye, abdominal surgery, and gastrointestinal tract.

3/8 circle Suture Needle:

Surgeons use the most common needles in large and superficial wounds, and these needles are impractical for use in deep cavities. This needle finds application in the skin, hand surgery, fascia, muscles, and subcuticular regions.

5/8 circle Suture Needle:

These needles are perfect for deep and confined cavities due to the needle design, which makes maneuvering in a small location easier. Application area: intraoral, urogenital, and anorectal procedures.

J-shaped needle:

Utilizing it for deep incisions avoids causing any injury to the visceral area, and its application extends to the vagina and rectum

Straight needle:

It can be used without a needle holder, as is the case with a curvature needle, and there is a high risk of accidentally sticking yourself. It uses an easily accessible tissue, typically in abdominal surgery and rhinoplasty Siny medical Nylon Suture:

Non-absorbable, gradually encapsulated by connective tissue. The thread mass diminishes by approximately 10% a year by rupture of chemical links (hydrolytic action).

Product Features

1. Made with 304 stainless steel, the needle can remain unceasing even after buckling many times.

2. Suture needle can fit in all kinds types of suture thread quickly to thread a needle.

3. sharp tip of needle and good-sticking. 

Siny Medical Surgical Suture Sterile Non Absorbable Nylon Suture with Needle

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