Medical Disposable 2-Way Latex Foley Catheter

Model No.2-Way Foley Catheter
Functional useRehabilitation Therapy Supplies
Shelf life2 Years
Medical device classificationClass li
Model NO.catheter
Place of UseLaboratory or Hospital
TypeMedical Supplies
Ethylene Oxide SterilizationEthylene Oxide Sterilization
Quality Guarantee PeriodTwo Years
GroupAll Persons

Packaging & Delivery

Selling UnitsPiece/Pieces
Package TypeCarton

Product Description
The urinary catheter is a tube that is inserted from the urethra into the bladder to drain urine. The catheter can be inserted into the bladder through the urethra to drain the urine out. After the catheter is inserted into the bladder, there is a balloon near the tip of the catheter to fix the catheter in the bladder, which is not easy to pull out, and the drainage tube is connected to the urine bag to collect urine.

2-Way Foley catheter Photo:

2 Way Foley Catheters For Urine Drainage 2


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