What is the Difference Between a Capillary Tube and a Micro Collection Tube?

a Capillary Tube and a Micro Collection Tube

Capillary tubes and micro-collection tubes. Contributing to diverse fields such as research, healthcare, and industry. Let's journey to unravel the disparities between these seemingly similar tubes and explore the nuances that set them apart.

What is a capillary tube in blood collection?

The pre-assembled sinymedical Capillary Blood Collection Tubes include a micro tube, a capillary tube, and a centrally crossed rubber cap.

  • A multitude of blood collection purposes, the utilization of the capillary tube is made possible by its coating with various additives.
  • Patients can experience less discomfort when using capillary blood collection tubes to obtain blood.
  • Draw the blood into the micro collection tube without scooping.
  • Ease-of-use with no assembly.

Micro Collection Tubes

The Precision Collectors Microcollection tubes, Minute Micro Collection Tube samples are collected and preserved in specialized containers crafted for this purpose. These tubes are a testament to precision, allowing healthcare professionals to collect small quantities of blood with utmost accuracy. The design of microcollection tubes takes into account the need for minimal sample contamination and preservation of sample integrity.

Capillary Tubes

Micro Capillary tubes, the achievement of liquid movement through capillary action involves slender hollow tubes, commonly made of glass or plastic. This mechanism relies on the ability of liquids to move in narrow spaces, defying gravity. Capillary tubes find application in diverse fields, from medical diagnostics to experimental setups in research laboratories.

Capillary Micro Blood Collection Tub

The difference in structure

Capillary Blood Collection Tubes consist of capillaries, central crossed rubber caps, and microtubules.

Micro collection tubes consist of a screw cap and plastic tube with an integrated collection scoop.

The difference in operation

Capillary Blood Collection TubeThe capillary blood collection tube is through the capillary action of microtubules so that the blood flow counter is is currently under the action of gravity.

The Micro Blood Collection Tube uses an integrated blood collection spoon. During blood collection, the rubber sleeve remains unopened, allowing blood management through a small plastic tube.


Both capillary blood collection tubes and micro blood collection tubes can be used to obtain specimens when venipuncture is difficult in infants or adults.


What are micro collection tubes?

These tubes ensure the accuracy and integrity of minute blood specimens, making them invaluable in diagnostic and laboratory settings.

What is a micro tube used for?

Its compact design and sterile environment make it ideal for applications requiring minimal sample contamination and the preservation of sample quality.

What are micro collection tubes used for?

Microtainer tubes serve the same purpose as micro collection tubes, acting as vessels for collecting and preserving small blood samples.

What is the use of a micro test tube?

A micro test tube, similar to micro collection tubes, handles small liquid volumes precisely, typically in laboratory experiments and medical diagnostics. Its diminutive size and accurate measurement capabilities make it a crucial tool for researchers and healthcare professionals working with limited sample quantities.

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