Siny medical IV Fluid Solution Bags

Type of disinfectionEos
Shelf life2 Years
MaterialPp, Pvc, Plastic
Product quality certificationCe
Medical device classificationClass Iii
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Quality Guarantee Period Two Years
Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Ethylene Oxide Sterilization
Place of Use Laboratory or Hospital
USER30ml, 40ml, 60ml, 80ml, 90ml, 100ml, 120ml, 150ml

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:Piece/Pieces
Package Type:carton

Product Description

Siny Medical IV Fluid Solution Bags are medical products used for intravenous therapy. They are plastic bags that contain sterile solutions that are administered to patients through an IV (intravenous) line. These solutions can include saline solution, dextrose solution, and other types of medical fluids that are used to deliver medications, nutrients, or fluids directly into the patient’s bloodstream.

  • High quality, eco-friendly, sterilized by EO.
  • Good resistance to thermal and compression.
  • Applying 15 N the bag must support 60 minutes
  • Percentage of hemolysis less than 5%
  • Non-toxic
    Note: Special specifications and cap color can be customized.
Siny medical medical drip bags 1
Siny medical medical drip bags 2

Our main products are blood collection tubes, virus sampling tubes, blood collection needles, and sanitizers, Safety Syringe, PRP Tube.

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