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Product NameBlood Collection Needle
MethodPP, Rubber, Stainless Steel Needle, Silicone oil.
CertificateCE, ISO13485, ISO9001
UsageEO sterilization
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Product Description

Siny Medical blood collection needles are designed for multiple tube samples and may be used with a blood tube holder. A three-beveled siliconized needle ensures a smooth and gentle vein insertion, minimizing patient discomfort.

Siny Medical Injection Needles For Sale are sterile and disposable, allowing for a safe and hygienic procedure. The needles are made of durable, medical-grade plastic and are individually packaged to ensure safety.


The safety needle is a hinged safety device that provides protection with a push of the thumb. The safe and convenient pre-attached safety needle can be used with the syringe.
Needle GaugeColor

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Features and Benefits of Pen-type Blood Collection Needles

1. Sharp, beveled needle tip: The needle is designed with a sharp, beveled tip to ensure easy and smooth penetration of the skin and vein, minimizing patient discomfort.
2. Thin-walled needle: Blood collection needles are made with a thin-walled construction, allowing for faster blood flow and reducing blood collection time.
3. Color-coded hub: The needle hub is color-coded based on the gauge size, making it easy for healthcare professionals to identify the appropriate needle size for different patients.
4. Multiple size options: Blood collection needles are available in various gauge sizes to accommodate different patient needs and blood collection requirements.
5. Safety features: Some blood collection needles are equipped with safety features such as a retractable needle or a safety shield. This helps prevent needlestick injuries and reduces bloodborne infections.

What is a Blood Collection Needle?

A blood collection needle is a long, thin needle used to draw blood from a vein. It is attached to a collection tube and is used to draw blood for tests, donations, and other medical purposes.

What is the correct needle for blood collection?

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends using straight needles, describing them as readily available, available in a variety of sizes and gauges, and suitable for a variety of blood draws. A butterfly needle or blood collection set has specific benefits for patients with small veins or difficult access, such as pediatric or neonatal patients, oncology and burn patients, and geriatric patients.

Which needle used for blood collection?

Needles called phlebotomy needles or blood collection needles are commonly used for blood collection. These needles have a hollow tube that allows the blood to flow into collection tubes or containers.

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