ISO Disposable Heparinized Blood Collection Micro Capillary

Product NameMicro Capillary Tube
Tube MaterialPET/Glass
CertificateCE, ISO13485, ISO9001
UsageBlood Collection
SterileIrradiation Sterilization
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Packaging and Delivery

Selling Units:Piece/Pieces
Package Type:100PCS/Rack, 1200PCS/CTN

Product Description

The micro capillary tube is highly resistant to clogging and has a low risk of cross-contamination. The micro capillary tube is made of a silicon-based material that is lightweight and flexible, allowing it to fit snugly into microtubes.

What is a Micro Capillary Tube?

A micro capillary tube is a thin, hollow tube with a diameter smaller than a human hair. It is used in medical and scientific applications to transport fluids, gases, and solid particles. It can also be used to measure pressure or flow.

The microcapillary tube is made of a very thin, flexible material that allows it to be used in tight spaces. It is also lightweight and durable, making it suitable for use in a variety of applications.

The Use of Different Colors and Sizes of Micro Capillary Tubes:

Volume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
0.5ml/1ml10X45NONE/PPRed CapSnap Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45Clot Activator/PPOrange Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45EDTA K2/PPPurple Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45EDTA K3/PPPurple Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45Heparin Lithium/PPGreen Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45Heparin Sodium/PPGreen Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45Heparin Sodium+ Sodium Fluoride/PPGray Cap
0.5ml/1ml10X45Clot ActivatorGelPPYellow Cap
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ISO disposable heparinized blood collection micro capillary

The Science and Benefits of Capillary Tubes for Blood Collection

What are microcapillary pipettes used for?

  • General purpose, micro-volume, precise liquid transfer applications in the laboratory
  • Blood collection samples are placed on microscope slides for examination
  • Applying sample spots onto TLC plates
  • Applying samples to electrophoresis gels

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