10ml K3 EDTA Tube

Product NameEDTA Tubes
Tube MaterialPET/Glass
CertificateCE, ISO13485, ISO9001
UsageBlood Collection
SterileIrradiation Sterilization
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Packaging and Delivery

Selling Units:Piece/Pieces
Package Type:100PCS/Rack, 1200PCS/CTN

Product Description

EDTA anticoagulant tube purple cap, ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (EDTA, molecular weight 292), and its salt are amino polycarboxylic acids that can effectively chelate calcium ions in blood samples. To chelate calcium or remove the calcium reaction site, it will block and terminate the endogenous or exogenous coagulation process so as to prevent the coagulation of blood samples.

What are the different types of EDTA tubes?

EDTA tubes from Sinymedical are available in three versions: K2E K2EDTA, K2E K2EDTA Separator, and K3E K3 EDTA. The additive potassium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) contained in the tube interferes with calcium and thus blocks the coagulation cascade.

What is a 10 ml K3 EDTA tube?

The 10ml K3 EDTA Tube is a specialized medical device designed for the precise collection of blood samples in healthcare settings. This tube has a volume capacity of 10 milliliters and contains K3 EDTA (Potassium Salt of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) as an anticoagulant.

The Use of Different Vacuum EDTA  Blood Collection Tube

Volume/mlSize/mmAdditiveSeparatorMaterialCap ColorClosure
2ml13X75EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/PET/GLASSPurple Cap TubeSafety Cap+Rubber or Rubber Stopper
3ml13X75EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
4ml13X75EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
5ml13X75EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
6ml13X100EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
7ml13X100EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
8ml16X100EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
9ml16X100EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
10ml16X100EDTA K2 / EDTA K3/
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